Hello, I’m Grace! This blog is about detransition, gender care in America, and the broader gender wars. I’m interested in this because I’m a detransitioned woman. After several years as a low-effort nonbinary person, I transitioned in 2017. After a double mastectomy and hormones, I realized that things had gone terribly wrong. I will talk more about my personal de/transition experiences here. I have also had some media appearances:

And published some writing:

Thank you for coming, pull up a chair - and tell me, do you want to know how I got no boobs?

Caption of the Joker saying "Do you wanna know how I got no boobs""
Maybe I misplaced them or something….

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Notes from a detransitioner


detransition. ambition. erudition. and other things that end in -ition. On twitter as @hormonehangover✨🎀💕🐈